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Thursday, November 27, 2008


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Set up an ambush to seize the moment.  Last 40 minutes until the new moon – time of transformation – pluto, citizen of the solar system – our representative from the kuyper belt or is it the van oort cloud – entered capricorn yesterday – out of jupiter’s realm into that of saturn – the mumbai massacre celebrated that yesterday.  I set up a provisional blog site for the radical i last night as the moon entered sagittarius, and will upload this to it timely enough.  A way to weave time into one’s prose, conscious application of the 4th dimension –


Just read the essay on further notes on the Assassination of JFK in latest issue of American Heritage, which sketches out the ties LHO did have to Castro’s Cuba, while Kaiser’s theory rests on LHO’s connexions to the antiCastro-ites.  The trouble w/the the AH theory is that no Mafia – Kaiser has Mafia. Sort of like that antique male adolescent joke – left ball, right ball, prick in the middle – neither the rightist theory nor the leftist theory extant has the Hoffa factor, but both, insofar as their theories are based on document & fact – eg reality, their interpretation thereof, the motive force, the prick in the middle, the most proximate cause is Jimmy Hoffa — my theory has thus been resurrected brought back from Great American Novel land (winners write history, losers write novels) – adding texture & dimension.  Rosenstern and Guildenkrantz behind the fence & grassy knoll – their sightlines to the JFK chrysler obscured, the fatal bullet came from the 6th floor of the school depository building from LHO’s gun. They were in Dallas, why were they in Dallas? To “help” LHO establish an FPFC branch? Because Dobbs asked them to check out what LHO was doing FPFCwise? Neither Dobbs nor head of national FPFC HQ in NYC trusted LHO who had no charter from either to establish FPFC in NOrleans or Dallas.  Russo speaks of LHO and YPSL and FPFC when establishing LHO’s leftist pro Castro cred – and Kaiser is aware of SWP and Farrell Dobbs – while neither of them are cognizant of the connection between the NYC SWP & FPFC nor of Hoffa’s connection to Dobbs nor Dobbs connection to Guildenkrantz & Rosenstern.




And we are there – moment properly seized.  25 Scorpio on MC, 1+ AQ rises here in Chicago, Sun&Moon in 10th house at 5:50 Sagittarius. I’d like to get that photo of Dubya on the sub w the Mission Accomplished banner in the background & paste my face over his.


1:29 PM


The Interactive Timeline of LHO notes that on Thursday morning 21 November 1963 “LHO breaks routine by having breakfast at the Dobb’s House restaurant. …”  Why? A phone call from Rosenstern & Guildenkrantz the previous evening arranging this power breakfast – at “Dobbs House” because of Farrell Dobbs, putting a signature to it, planting an historical clue, the spoor of the event … the exact route of the JFK motorcade was published 2 days prior in the Dallas Herald, on 19 November – who did LHO contact when he read that and realized that fate in the guise of serendipity struck and he was in a position to make real his threat to kill the President; he’d begun to work at the School Book Depository on October 16 just prior to his 24th birthday — 


That’s the crux of it; scenario: Dobb’s House restaurant, breakfast – R&G already there, this about 7 am Thursday, 21 November 1963 – LHO had put a phone call into FPFC NYC HQ when he saw the Herald’s graphic of JFK’s route – Dobb’s held LHO at arm’s length – as Kaiser’s research has evidenced – Dobb’s suspected that LHO was a Philbrick or a wannabe.  Hoffa had phoned him earlier from jail – RFK was all over Hoffa like white on rice – prosecuting a family vendetta under the guise of routing out corruption – the Kennedies much preferred Giancana’s west side Chicago teamsters to the Detroit locals: Giancana’s boys had stolen in for JFK November 1960 – of course, Artie Doody’s Daddy took the credit. Dobb’s was Hoffa’s mentor – while Farrell (born 1907) had started out as a Minnesota Republican, he veered sharply to the left when he organized the Minneapolis Teamsters in 1934: Farrell came out of it as a Trotskyist – the SWP were ideologically trotskyist, the CP was Stalinist – big ideological point of difference is that Trotsky believed socialism was global, while Stalin’s position was teneted on a socialism confined to one country. Tangentially speaking, if you expunge the “Jewish” out of the class of International Bankers, Adolph was not ideologically incorrect (let’s hear it for CIT and AIG and all of those uncircumcised uncircumspect bunch of international vampires) insofar as his hypothesis supports Trotskyist globalism. The NY “local” of the FPFC had Trotskyist (SWP) affiliations, and the HQ of the FPFC was also in New York.  According to Kaiser’s information, the chapters of FPFC that LHO established in New Orleans were not authorized – he functioned under a soi-disant charter. LHO was enough of a nuisance where Dobbs and I presume head of the FPFC HQ’d in NYC – might be willing to go along w/his assassination plans, insofar as LHO revealed them – Dobbs owed Hoffa a big favor, so Dobbs sent R&G to “help” LHO with the JFK calvacade in Dallas where they drove hell for leather in tandem from NYC, starting out, o, say before dawn on the 20th to meet with LHO at Dobbs House restaurant some 24 hours later.  They accompanied LHO to his job and scouted out Dealey Plaza, looking for vantage points along the route.


The deal Dobbs cut with Hoffa was to furnish R&G who would make sure that the job got done backing up LHO … while, according to the Discovery Channel documentary, the 6th floor SDB fit the criteria of the trajectory of the fatal bullet, and the other 3 possible vantage points sight lines were obscured – at the point that the JFK limousine was when it caught the bullet – however, if LHO’s bullet did not connect, what were the sightlines from those theoretical vantage points farther along the route of the calvacade? 

The quid pro quo between Dobbs & Hoffa was, I hypothesize, that Dobbs would take care of JFK and Hoffa would see to LHO – I believe that it is relatively easy to draw a couple few lines between Hoffa’s Detroit interests and say Trafficante/Ruby. The internecine struggles between Hoffa & Giancana Teamsters provide the main theme for the motive behind the assassination – Giancana was not a party to the Assassination because he knew very well that it was in JFK’s interest to keep Momo happy – Momo being material to the 1960 JFK victory – 1963 was just before 1964, another election year, and JFK could very well need Giancana’s Teamsters again come the next November – too many benefits accrued to Giancana with his patron in high office, Momo knew how to add. Ergo, Hoffa’s interests came up with Jack Ruby – not impossibly through Trafficante who’s anti-Castro position was not particularly material to the action.

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gung hay fat choy

I think I got that right … will check. Like the Purloined Letter, the physical evidence of Kit Marlowe’s complicity in the great heist of John Dee’s library & laboratory of 1589 … the flying device Marlowe used in Faustus … Dee invented and used that when he produced “Pax” at Cambridge as an undergraduate. Marlowe probably got the plans and/or the device itself as booty from the heist … and when cataloguing his missing books and items at that August 1592 meeting of the suits he included the five letters from deVere from 1570 … AND he started the Edward VII signature first noted in a letter to Burghleigh in 1569!! to stop it in 1603 at her death … when all hopes of succession vanished …

Kyd’s papers ransacked by the gendarmes for any of Dee’s papers & letters … just how much did Kit know … that Sonnet about the Rival Poet … wasting his evenings with his intelligencer ‘friends’ … the shock of seeing ?Southhampton? in Kit’s verse as shocking as Dee seeing his device bearing Faustus to heaven on  Marlowe’s stage … Marlowe really got in his face with that …

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Rethinking Money

As a somewhat Marxist … after a lifetime of thinking about it — of course I never actually read Das Kapital, the Manifesto a bit easier to take, and admittedly I like Marx’s maxims … from each according to his [sic] abilities, to each according to her needs. When it comes to the class struggle, comrade, remember Karl’s wife was a Baroness, he, like Hegel, a (constitutional) monarchist (feudal, agrarian) at heart; that, plus the stuff assigned in the warmed over SocSci class at Graham (not a real school) by McAloon (the buffoon) and two copies of Marx on the American Civil War, his editorials from the NY Daily Herald. … which I bought to trace down a remembered statement from KM from the library copy I had, I remembered he dismissed Lincoln from his visit to the Midwest and interviews with Lincoln’s partner, Herndon, that Lincoln was “too plebian.” Well, that phrase is not in either of my 2 identical copies of Marx On the American Civil War, and I could not track it down on the Marx website, so I must have read something the Baroness wrote between the lines. If Marx had interviewed Medill in addition to Herndon, he might have gotten a job as a columnist — the NY Herald was letting him go and Chicago had a big German immigrant population

Karl, as I understand his understanding, did not understand where Capitalism comes from … from Capital of course, and the seed of capital is MONEY … money is an outgrowth of markets which derive from the agrarian ages circa 8000 bc … market money. The Mayans used cacao beans and quetzal feathers, sacred substances as market money, a medium of exchange, it needn’t have instrinsic value (eg gold) being, it is basically a government contract, ). In fact there is a Mayan God of markets — KaKao, who is allied with the black God of Commerce — Ek Chuah (which actually sounds like a sneeze), and KaKao, theobromo, medicine of the gods.

To control (here’s where Marxian axioms come in) — the production and distribution of the medium of exchange … is the primary function of government and the first step to civilization, probably prior to the urge to alphabet, to document transaction? What came first the number or the letter. EG nationalize the banks, and privatize everything else, and once you monetize something, money being a government contract, you MUST document and tax it — taxes being the fee for using the official exchange medium.

Marx didn’t appreciate the difference between plebian and proletarian … in Republican Rome, both “free” classes, the plebs were an enfranchised class, the proletariat, not so much, Roman citizenship being a graduated, hierarchal affair. The proles became enfranchised primarily by serving in Marius’s army, the urban plebs however are the entrepreneurial classes. There was capitalism in Caesar’s Rome … Crassus for example, who made a fortune in Roman real estate, there were factories, and debates about the economics of free vs slave labor. Just thought I’d toss a couple of beans (cacao) into the pot.

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Apparently it wasn’t Baumgarten

The former post was written a while ago and just published

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Withering Away of the State

Every Sunday when I remember to pull in the ChiTribune to which I subscribed for a year from some internet cheapo deal — i think of the marxian axiom … it is down to 5 columns from the 8 of my youth, this as symptomatic of its entangled and seemingly tragic financial situation.

I have an history w/the Trib … first come to consciousness with the awareness that Haymarket martyr Albert Parsons was harshly escorted out of the Trib’s type room in 1872. I am of the opinion that Dyer Lum and Baumgarten — the anarchists in the mix — loaded the bomb and caused its deployment — Dyer had been a special operative during the Civil War working w/ballistics. Haymarket’s bomb was the beta test for dynamite. My primary argument being where did the unionists — those poor schlubs — find the wherewithal to experiment w/the formula & application of Alfred Nobel’s invention?  Needed a connection to the nascent military/industrial complex — eg the McCormick Reaper Works — site of the cause of the riot, connected vitally to the Medill/Tribune interests.

I sort of thought the trib interests were tipping its hand with the WGN newsteam components of Joanie Lum and Robin Baumgarten … Joanie responded to me email to her regarding this, disclaiming relationship and legacy, and has since moved on to other stations, while Baumgarten is still employed, I believe a legacy position, at WGN.

When Medill bought into the Trib in it was a Know Nothing paper which had evolved from a local literary journal — Gem of the Prairie — into a politically based newspaper — he changed its politics. Medill was the guy Horace Greeley had urged “Go West, Young Man” — arguably Medill baptised the nascent political party “Republican” (I like the February 1854 Ripon founding, rather than the July foundation) since one of the few books available to him during his farmland youth was Gibbon’s Rise & Fall of the Roman Empire. He wanted to the Tribune to be the Voice of the People and had intelligent views of Free versus Slave labor which he promulgated in the editorial papers of the Trib which provided the tinder that flamed into war — the Civil War was known as Old Joe’s War.

In fact, it was Medill wh

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Building up to my basic bitch (diatribe) v. AT Olmstead

& the Oriental Institute’s gang of sycophants who let him get away with it, but not now.

Now, I’m fresh from Thos. Gazis (Gassy) lecture from which I dropped out after he got all ethnically pejorative, spouting off at the slavs who conquered Greece and claimed they were Greeks (so tho a slav, I consider myself an American, because I buy into US history and was born here and therefore took umbrage at his boorish remarks … he did say he was ploughed on ouzo being by the shore … in vino veritas, he bragged about his military service with the Greek Army … like have YOU ever seen their uniforms? No self-respecting butch lesbian, much less a Honey Bear could wear something so girly, definitely not the right thing to wear to battle: skirts & pom poms on their boots with a really clumsy choreographed march step, puts a comic lens to Thermopylae — speaking from my own tribal (Slavic) stance, I would say a dumb Slav could beat a smart Greek at chess any day –I consider myself more Scythian than Slav … Herodotus’s ethnography describes the tribe — the Nervii, on the Hypanis — from when my people sprung — an amalgam of Greeks Scyths and Jews from the first Diaspora — which is the backstory of Cyrus’s conquest of Babylon (he did it much better than Alexander) you know the old Mene Mene Tekl Upharsin writing on the wall schtick — Daniel translating it for Neb. whilst Cyrus’ armies bloodlessly conquered Babylon.

While I didn’t hear his lecture on Alexander the Great’s birthchart I did get the gist from his preface: he argues that Alexander a Leo rather than Cancer … No. 1 — Caesar was a Cancer … and No. 2, when I did my research on Alexander’s birthchart, I did some research on the Greek/Macedonian calendars of the time as well as reference to more than one biography of Alexander, and a strong interest in finding the exact evening in Pella when Aristotle, Philip and Alexander discussed Herodotus’s account and planned the Greek (Macedonian) revenge. I have no quarrel with A’s solar/cancerian nativity. While I like Tyl I find I differ w/him in his rectification of Cleopatra’s horoscope too, he’s got the moon wrong, it conjuncts Caesar’s 7th Cusp at 12+ Leo and therefore, don’t agree w/his assessment of Gazi’s rectification of Alexander’s chart.

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Basic Bitches contra U Chicago … Part the First

This to defeat the irrational censorship issue at the UC Alumni Linked In site … which is a basic bitch … how much of my education was old petrified sophistries by pseudo experts of the field? Thinking of the Graham School bunch … 1997 Sinaico’s lecture on Death in Venice, which, admittedly is the best short story I have ever read, Sinaico insisting it was about ‘authenticity’ whereas it seemed to me, and does still, that Death in Venice is about Thanos/Eros … for godsake Herman it is in the title. And then Mann does it again with the Black Swan — a woman w/undiagnosed cervical cancer undergoes a total erotic fantastical experience with her dancing instructor … and then I did research on Robert Koch, microbe hunter, who died about a year before Mann published Death in Venice. Koch’s life parallels von Aschenbach, and one could see Mann’s creative forces process the reality of Koch’s victory over cholera transforming it into von Aschenbach and the Polish prince, the golden charismatic child Thaddeus who was somehow mirrored in a gargoyle street venetian street urchin, the image of the katarche of the disease in a Burmese tiger burning brightly. I saw it as a prophecy of my favorite Phoenix riddle … the Robert Maynard Hutchins/Al Capone dyad (*both born in Brooklyn, Jan 17/18, 1899) … Bettleheim’s Jekyll/Hyde nature. I thank Sinaico for an introduction to that jewel of a story, even if he didn’t have a clue about what it really meant, and, too, he had a wonderful introduction to Herodotus lecture, which is a very big redeeming social value.

The Reader used to run an annual crass/class column — UC undergrad (when the school totaled 2000, 500 per class, 2/3’s of whom were not graduated timely … lots of dropouts) was class, the GSB was crass, echoing William Rainey Harper’s bent, of a sort of disdain for commerce, insofar as he allowed the first UC, which was founded on Stephen A. Douglas’s 35th street estate, and was a business school to perish. To reestablish it as a Lyceum (aristotlean) temple to the Liberal Arts I entered with the Class of ’65 (I saw RMH at Rockefeller) and was graduated (BA, Anthropology) with the Class of ’75 (Vietnam, Watergate on campus was the horse with no name) then snagged a Graham School MLA (which Vanessa G says is not a ‘real’ degree) in 2011 to beef up my twixt Ernst and Joke PhD in Astrology, granted by a SIG group of Mensa and ratified by a Collegium of Mentors & Peers (first signatory, Robert Hand; Doris Hebel and Barbara whatshername wouldn’t sign, Isaac Bonewits, ArchDruid of New Jersey, signed here in Chicago when attending the Centennial of the World Religions Conference)

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Post Script

It’s Chris Ware, not Christopher Ware. I couldn’t get to his website from the wikepedia article, the link being “forbidden”… Ware’s a Capricorn 28 December 1967 …

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That Moment Marrons!

I attended the SF UC Alum Harper Lecture Webcast last Thursday night, since it was “Forms & Formats of Autobiography” but she (Hilary Chute) did not make her point, rather she dropped names, hoping to evidence her familiarity with Comics & Zines in Wicker Park via Quimby’s  which is really what her lecture was about — one name she dropped, a zinester had a clue insofar as the author’s spreadsheet/map of life issues & times, looked like an extrapolation and fleshing out of some complex astrological readout with transits, & progressions correlated with event on a 90 degree dial.

She quoted some honcho from the publishing industry who said that zines & comics (graphic “novels”) are saving the print industry from mondo digitalus, never mentioning cyberzines a la blogs & enhanced blogs for that graphic punch — I’ll check out Christopher Ware’s website

Midst her sophistical journeys through the hip part of Chicago & the denizens of the world she believes she commands, how come she isn’t a featured speaker at the current E2C2 — comics and zines conference here in Chicago??? Stan Lee will be there.



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Dear Jeanne Gang

Great name … love to do your chart, but all I know is 1965 … your UC building is going under the rubric of New Dorm, which, when I was an undergraduate was what they called the Saarinen jewel of a dormitory across from Robie House.  Just remember, UC board is full of philistines … 20 years hence they will blow up your oeuvre and build another business school.  It’s built into the school’s dna. It started as a Business School founded on 10 acres of land donated by Stephen A. Douglas, around 35th Street. Mid 1880’s William Rainey Harper was invited to become the president of the first University of Chicago, which he dismissed, because he didn’t want to head up no stinkin’ business school. It expired and in the midst of its ashes concurrent with the pluto/Neptune conjunction of 1891/92 was Phoenix like (pun intended) arose as the new University of Chicago, funded by John D Rockefeller, — it’s first President William Rainey Harper who’s dream of a great research and teaching institution was being realized. Standard Oil University, where Jewish students learned Catholic theology from atheist professors at a Baptist school.

I sort of suspect that at least one of the first coeds at that school on the midway … ended up in Holmes’ torture chamber, and wonder why Erik Larsen didn’t encompass the UC’s founding in his wonderful book The Devil in the White City, amid the movers and shakers who brought the Columbian Exposition into being.

I consider the ultimate responsibility for WWII to be AT Olmsted … the guy who established UC’s Oriental Institute.

His History of Persia was the canonical text for a number of years. Let me bring to your mind that William Rainey Harper was a noted Hebrew scholar … well Olmsted gave Daniel (of the OT) totally short shrift, completely ignoring the Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin passage which, given Harper reputation, he should have done a virtuoso turn and translated it — by passed it. Now this passage is VERY important in Persian history, because as Daniel was reading the writing on the wall, Cyrus’s armies were peacefully conquering Babylon.  The gates had been left open. It is my contention that Daniel well knew who left ope the gates, and probably ordered/conspired therefor. Daniel taught the Persian magi the Astral arts of for which Cyrus made his Chief Magus. I believe Daniel to have been Zoraster, Zarathustra an different dude in deed, Zoroaster means Star Gazer in Greek.  Herodotus provides corroborating evidence. If you don’t understand Daniel’s part in the establishment of the First Aryan Empire, well … that’s why AT Olmsted, through his grievious sin of omission caused WWII. And that his students and scholars let this pass without either correcting or footnoting the omission is a study in academic sycophancy.


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Devonshire off Bishopsgate cattycorner from Bedlam

Devonshire off Bishopsgate cattycorner from Bedlam

Before I left, I was telling people that if I managed to get to Stonehenge for the solstice, given that I was in Guatemala for Baktun 13, I’d become, by provenance alone, the best living astrologer on the planet.

Despite my callout to friendly Druids, I didn’t get to Stonehenge for the solstice, since the 21st was the ONLY day of the tour devoted to London, and, while not impossible, the logistix and expense of Stonehenge at sunrise daunting. However, the Druids were kind. One of our number, Michael Morse had done some two years research on the exact whereabouts of Fisher’s Folly — the writers’ studio established by deVere in 1582, about the time he learned (hypothetically from John Dee) that he was the Bastard of the Virgin Queen, beginning, around then, to sign his name with a flourish featuring 7 hash marks under the Edward, signifying “Edward VII,” there are some who suggest the flourish could be read as a 17, eg the 17th Earl of Oxford. But he’d been Earl for 20 years, since Earl John’s death in 1562

Michael More said he had documentation on Marlowe’s participation in Fisher’s Folly. I go along with the Marlovians insofar as Skanderbeg likely to have been written by Marlowe, prior to his breakout Tamerlame, 1587. Skanderbeg was produced by Oxford’s Men, which times it to before 1588. Someone in the bus said the Skanderbeg was not lost, an extant copy found … its hero George Castriot had an analogous religious quandary to deVere’s papish dalliances, and Marlowe not above currying favor (witness his poem in praise of a corrupt judge). There are probably some intriguing links, as yet unexplored, between Raleigh’s School of Night and Fisher’s Folly

I think deVere’s sister’s lawsuit against him for bastardy is evidence that the 1550 birthdate not really possible. Earl John married Marjorie Golding in August 1548 (2+ months before the 20September (OS) 1548 birthdate I use for Oxinford). The 1550 birthday implies that Earl John had been legally wed to Marjorie for some 20 months prior to the “birthdate” written in Burleigh’s notes. No cause for a bastardy suit. His older “half-sister” daughter of Earl John’s first wife, knew something.

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