Review: Mob Boss

I just finished reading Mike Hudson’s “Mob Boss: A biography in blood” regarding the career of Stefano Maggadino, the capo of the western NY region.

To hoist Hudson on his own petard, he briefly reviews in his book one of his source, the book written by FBI agent Joe Griffin, saying that it is “littered with factual errors. The names of popular NF nightspots, streets and even his physical description of Stefano Maggadino are simply wrong in many cases.”

“But Griffin … seemingly relied on his memory which can be a treacherous thing for a nonfiction writer.”

In Hudson’s account of the “Barbecue” a national confab at Joseph Barbera’s Appalachin ranch in downstate NY, November 1957 — which was a very very funny bust — Hudson doesn’t know the backstory — there’d been a national confab in 1956 there in Appalachin, which went very well, but the Kefauver Commision on Organized Crime was in the news which alerted the local gendarmes who, having become somewhat alienated from Barbera in the course of the year, were somewhat alarmed when a cohort of cadillacs & pinkie rings reappeared in his small downstate NY farm — and raided the joint. Gendarmes insufficiently prepared for such a haul, had to let everyone go, and no one was booked. I was in Mr. O’Connor’s 10th Grade English class at North Junior High School in 1957, being tall I sat in the back row where all other tall people, mostly guys, were muttering and giggling how everyone’s uncle had been busted.

Hudson also claims that when Marilyn Monroe made Niagara in the region, she came with Joe DiMaggio — not so. In fact, apparently she married a Robert someone or another who wrote a book on their brief alliance — and studio arranged a quickie divorce.

I think this was the 2nd time Marilyn was in Niagara Falls. I believe the first time was the week of her 21st birthday, June 1947 when she gave hypothetically gave birth to my first best jew bastard double cross cousin, my adoptive relative, Cousin It. I imagine when MM was making her breakout movie Niagara she took some time off to watch five & six year old children playing at recess in school, like that wistful picture of her in a babushka, hoping to get a glimpse of her daughter, and wondering if she would recognize her.

Counting back 9 months from her birthday, Cousin It had been conceived the weekend of JPK’s 59th birthday in September 1946 — he was (hypothertically) in Hollywood for that weekend, partying with his friends (Joe Schenk was a friend) raising money for his son’s first hurrah — JFK’s initial run for congress. MM jumped out of the cake and sang Happy Birthday to a Mr. Kennedy for the first time in her altogether.

This hypothesis makes my family go ballistic — but as far as they are concerned I consider my godfather to be Tommy Cottonaro, Mayor of the Munchkins (seriously, “Tommy Cotton” was in the movie Wizard of OZ, and afterward falsely claimed to be the Munchkin’s Mayor)

Hudson has no account whatsoever on the relationship between the Don and Joseph P Kennedy, Sr. — partners in the hooch business, importing Canadian hooch during Prohibition. In fact, during JFK’s 1960 campaign the motorcade drove past my high school homeroom (Mr. Rainville’s #156) — I think it was in May — perhaps even on JFK’s 43rd birthday. This was down Pine Avenue. I learned later organized grace a Don Stefano who had entertained JPK a Sunday or so prior when the Bostonian was lining up support for his son — like he did with Sam Giancana here in Chicaago.

That’s the reason why the FBI in 1963 pulled its punches vis a vis the NF (& Chicago) mobs — protection from the Kennedies who expected to need Father Joe’s business friends again for the 1964 election — Jimmy Hoffa & his Detroit connexions had no such protection.

There’s more. But all in all, amidst Hudson’s factual errors (why didn’t he name the Ray Ott, which was in the early ’50’s a pretty fancy downtown place to party?) it’s a pretty good read. I never knew the Purple Gang was Jewish nor had I heard of the Little Jewish Navy which imported hooch for a Maggadino ally.

I was conceived in the early hours of January 1, 1943 in the red sauce wards (I think it was the 3rd ward) just north of the Walnut Avenue on 18th Street.

About 10 years ago I visited the Falls on a sentimental journey or one sort or another — my friend Kathy K drove me: the empty field the big boys played in when I was 2 next to the house still there, and the chain link fence with its Y shaped sharpened upper rail still marked by a Y that had been hammered down by Ray, who was punishing the fence (bad fence, bad fence) for tearing into the flesh of my left hand right below my saturn finger which to this day has a Y shaped scar as a memento — I was following the big boys who had climbed the fence over the closed gate that had no such treacherous upper rail.

As I was lost in a trance of reminiscence a woman w/her young son walked by — she stopped and I said this is the house my mother lived in when I was born on Rosh Hashoneh, 1943. The landlady kept a goat in the back yard. She said yeah, I know who you’re talking about. I asked the name of the landlady. The woman shut up immediately with a sudden attack of omerta.

That’s what I mean, red sauce.

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View from the 48th Ward

Sunday morning, January 4

The Sunday national talking heads are just starting — local just featured an interview with Roland Burris and spelled out the lineaments of greed and ambition that fuels Chicago — LaSalle noticed it when he was here in, what 1682 or 83 — he called the place Eschikago after the wild garlic that once grew on the river banks. Burris being the poison pawn offered by the diabolical G-Rod for the opening move of his end game.

It has been said of Chicago that politics is a blood sport here.

Well, that’s the MidWest, now Gorgeous George is interviewing an Israeli official

The curious thing astrological is that Burris was born 3 August 1937 in Centralia Illinois. The article offered no birthtime, I haven’t contrived a provisional horoscope, but note that Obama, whose seat Burris hopes to warm, was born 4 August the day after Burris’ 24th birthday.

Think of Obama as a latter day Faust, who haunted the halls of University of Chicago as Johannes haunted the newly established Wittenberg (before or after Luther?), after having established his political ambition, latter day bow tied Illinois political saint Paul Douglas introduced him to his mentor Emil Jones — as mephistophelean a Cook County pol as you’d ever want to meet — if Burris is Beezlebub, then G-Rod is Lucifer — and we will see if, in this production, just what happens to Obama’s mortgaged soul.

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Nietzsche’s Avesta

and Dostoyevski’s Russian Christ — shaped my spiritual consciousness not to mention my sundry anthro-astro armchair quests.

A ruling concept I’m attempting to polish is a cultural interface of world views (weltanschuaangs sp?) between the Marduk/Jupiter cultures and the Solar/Apollonian — the latter with the sun as the organizing principle is more resonant with “objective” reality of the solar system = the Jupiterian cultures organized time by the Moon (lunar, dianic, dionysian — which means Ruth Benedict’s Apollonian/Dionysian dichotomy is absolutely sound), the Apollonian cultures by solar — usually seasonal at the stolstices and equinoces, though the Mayans did it different, tracking the sun’s passage over the 15 degree of Latitude, the absolute fractal paradigm for their sacred 280 year, I must visit Copan — that would be a great place to spend the Winter Solstice in 2012 — I believe the Mayans were off by about a pluto cycle when they calculated the end of their 5th Great Age. Each of which is one fifth of a 26,000+ years of the Precession Cycle — western cosmologists (astronomers and astrologers) measure this by the point of the vernal equinox on the tropical zodiac (of the signs and seasons) against its corresponding point 0 Aries Sidereal which is the Zodiac of the Constellations. The Mayans use the point of intersection of their Sidereal Zodiac with the Galactic Circle, a longitudinal factor and absolute insofar as it is out there in “reality” at about 5 degrees of Sidereal Sagittarius and Sidereal Gemini — this point which is the black hole at the Galactic Center will conjunct the Solstice 0 Capricorn of the Tropical Solar Zodiac in 2227, not 2012. The Mayans didn’t have a functional wheel, much less an electronic ‘scope — people have been arguing about the start of the “Aquarian Age” way before “Hair” was a hot ticket. The Constellations are Culturally Contingent — different cultures group different stars together — connecting the dots to make culturally meaningful pictures and stories — the Sun’s Journey against the constellations have mythic correlates as in the 12 Labors of Herakles. Herakles thus a Solar principal (though, since Planet Jupiter’s cycle is a virtual 12 years, one year in each sign, that’s a tad arguable), despite his madness, an Apollonian as is Mithras, (modern Christmas is derived from the Roman interpretation of the Parthian Mithraic rites) The other way to divide the Sidereal Zodiacal circle is by the Lunar transits — and the cultures which do that — Islamic, Vedic — call these lunar constellations the 27 (or 28) Mansions of the Moon. While the moon travels through a Solar Constellation in 2.5 days, it spends roughly one 24 hour period per lunar mansion per month.

We perceive time through cycles. The diurnal cycle, the rotation of the earth about its axis, is perceived by most sensient beings, written into the basic dna of life through some arrangement of the biological tetragrammaton — GATC, the word of G-d that created life — and then light was perceived.

The word month is directly derived from Moon — earliest written documents, bones with marks representing the days between the first sighting of the new moon — eg, measure in earthly rotations of the moon’s barycentric orbit about the earth — another cycle doubtless written in dna of hypothetically more evolved sensate beings by the rhthyms established by tiamet the ocean ordered by the new & full of the moon.

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