View from the 48th Ward

Sunday morning, January 4

The Sunday national talking heads are just starting — local just featured an interview with Roland Burris and spelled out the lineaments of greed and ambition that fuels Chicago — LaSalle noticed it when he was here in, what 1682 or 83 — he called the place Eschikago after the wild garlic that once grew on the river banks. Burris being the poison pawn offered by the diabolical G-Rod for the opening move of his end game.

It has been said of Chicago that politics is a blood sport here.

Well, that’s the MidWest, now Gorgeous George is interviewing an Israeli official

The curious thing astrological is that Burris was born 3 August 1937 in Centralia Illinois. The article offered no birthtime, I haven’t contrived a provisional horoscope, but note that Obama, whose seat Burris hopes to warm, was born 4 August the day after Burris’ 24th birthday.

Think of Obama as a latter day Faust, who haunted the halls of University of Chicago as Johannes haunted the newly established Wittenberg (before or after Luther?), after having established his political ambition, latter day bow tied Illinois political saint Paul Douglas introduced him to his mentor Emil Jones — as mephistophelean a Cook County pol as you’d ever want to meet — if Burris is Beezlebub, then G-Rod is Lucifer — and we will see if, in this production, just what happens to Obama’s mortgaged soul.

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