Tecumseh’s Curse

I’ve been thinking about this, of course, my thesis being in the works. The question i’m pondering presently (again) is is the Curse actual as a real event in history when Tecumseh returned to Prophetstown after Tippecanoe and the earthquake set off December 1811 — or is it a construct? Hypothetically by a ensign at Annapolis– 1901, right after the McKinley assassination. The ensign, well connected, his appointment by dint of his father’s close friendship with Teddy Roosevelt had an intimate view of history as it is made plus an obsession with the great lakes naval battles of 1812, in his cups — like edgar allan poe — sat in front of the statue of an eponymous Tecumseh which came to the Academy in 1866 and had a vision …

because if the Curse had really happened in accordance with its most believable form — Mary Todd Lincoln would have had to know about it.

Her father was with Harrison’s army at the Battle of Thames when fellow Kentuckian, Richard Merton Johnson, felled the Shawnee stateman and war chief on October 5, 1813. Robert Todd then took time out to rush hell for leather to Lexington Kentucky to be present at the birth of his first child, Mary’s eldest sister, Elizabeth.

If the US soldiers the native troops had captured at that debacle of an ambush — Harrison was superman, just pulling on his boots at 4 am when they attacked. Shabbonah’s account
the Ottowa (his wife was Potowatomi — his name means “Broad Shoulders” — obviously the Spirit of Chicago) Shabonah was hidden in the woods waiting with his rifle for Harrison who changed horses from white to roan — Shabonah was looking for a white horse — when he realized the honky Great Chief was on the roan, he lowered his rifle — that moment, at the epicenter of the Quake of December 1811, the tectons shifted — as Lorenz’s butterfly fluttered its wing, and Shabonah lowered his rifle.

I could well believe the Curse came out of Prophetstown in December 1811, but cannot, in that event, quite understand Mary Todd’s relationship to same. Since her father was so very political, it seems obvious that Johnson had sat at Todd’s Sunday dinner table, the salon thereafter, and retold the story of how his bullet met the flesh of the great Tecumseh — Canadian national hero — unless the released prisoners never told Harrison

If the released prisoners had well be charged — I’m pretty sure Evangeline Adams — Florence Hardy’s astrologer — knew. She told Florence that her husband Warren would win the election and die in office. But according to a fugitive internet account, the Curse did not hit printer’s ink until 1930.

I’m still wondering what Mary Todd knew and when did she know it. If she’d heard about it at her father’s dinner table, surely, when she was just separated from Lincoln following the “fatal” first of January 1841, and heard of Harrison’s death one month after his inauguration, March 4, 1841; she and Lincoln became engaged in the heat of the Whig victory of November 1840.

If she’d heard of the Curse early at her father’s political salon (centered around “Unka” Henry Clay) it certainly was an object of her thoughts during her separation from Lincoln Jan 1 1841 to August 1842 — their reconciliation.

For that matter, what did Abe know of Tecumseh’s Curse?

Or, did it not come out of Prophetstown, but a construct. Myth or fact.

Research continues. The entre act of the as unwritten, but lived, drama of the Courtship of Mary Todd.

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