At Long Last Gelatin

At a particularily interesting terrace in life’s progress

my thesis entire is in, i’ve applied to kepler college to teach online, sent them my materials, though i never checked to see exactly what procedures are

in any event, neither uc nor kepler have responded aye or nay and informed me of the next hoops i must negotiate

I’m starting to market (a totally unexplored dimension) the astroGizmo — written to Donna van Toen regarding her NF SOTA conference, threatening to rent a table in her trade room, asking for her rates

Her faculty looks pretty lackluster, although there’s a young hotshot who’s got a slot — I’d like to attend his lecture.

Attended the Kepler symposium … let’s call it after the xyz affair

Monsieur X, who couldn’t get online, did the cyber equivalent of phoning it in, and emailed his presentation — which seemed to be a feeble EuroChristian defense to the American Mayan brouhaha, reminding us of the Apocalypse in the bible and the Second Coming and all that — did not address astrological issues at all, other than referring to a few earlier astrologers, basically Alice Bailey, who had addressed the issue.

Neither Y nor Z were familiar with the Black Mat. Monsieur Y kept going off on the Younger Dryas — which, being from Niagara Falls, slowly I turned … I know him well, Horatio, I am well familiar with the Younger Dryas and its geological effect — the receding cataract, the continent’s clock, was set by Young, Dry & Ass. Just about 12.4 KYA, receding at the average rate of 3 feet per year. I know where it was when LaSalle first saw the cataract. Been there, done that. (I’m going to a seminar next Wednesday on the Great Lakes)

Also, Monsieur Y, the most compelling backbone of the 260 calender, which I believe began in Copan, or environs, at 15 N is the meridian passage of the sun in May which starts the corn cycle and then when the sun souths is again directly overhead shining its fierce countenance into the waters of the deepest cenote on August 11/12 which hits out of the park those that hold that the calendar began in October. (My BA’s in anthropology), the corn cycle and human gestation cycle circle with the year, probably the corn harvested as the sun shone its countenance was a sacred substance to conceive and feed a young human corngod to be born 260 days later when again the sun shone its countenance in the Cenote and the sacred corn sowed.

No, the point I’m making is that the Black Mat is a consequent of the last time that the Galactic Plane was conjuncted by precession to the solstice point — 12.9 years ago, when the 6* (“*” signifies sidereal, like in Babylon) 6*SG, was precessionally conjuncted by the Cancer Solstice meridian (which from some source, due to some sort of perturbation was the southern most solstice in that era).

My point is that the 26 K precession cycle is divided into 2 13 K halves — eg, there is solsticial contact TWICE in th 26,000 cycle, the Gate of Gods (Sag) end which was recently precessionally conjuncted.

The last time it happened, the continent had only been inhabited by say 2 thousand years and had developed a pan American culture — the Clovis which hunted the mammoths and other megafauna.

I’m saying the Younger Dryas is a consequent of teh Galactic Forces implicit when the Galactic Plane cuts through solstice points —

Thank you Monsieur Z, though I still can’t quite visualize it — I still think somehow the earth’s liquid core parallels more closely the galactic plane and, it is the earth’s spin that creates our magnetism — which is affected by this increased galactic forces during this era, which has a 12.9 K year cycle. (Think about the lunar nodes and the solstices, contact every 9.6 year — same mathematical principle)

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