Dark of the Moon

Quite a weekend — all the pagentry, from royal wedding, to the haymarket memorium (took some GREAT pictures) to the beatification of the pope to the death of ben laden and the american celebrations …

According to an old acquaintance no longer in contact … you can begin to do the impossible at the dark of the moon … and the moon is now in the 1st degree of taurus applying to the new … I have an appointment monday 2May PM with UC rep regarding the unacceptablility of my 10 page accompanying ‘illumination’ of my thesis. Which, admittedly, is something of a Charlie Sheenesque rant of egoism.

I want to turn this into a 10 page ‘academically’ acceptable plea for the Vaharamihira Chair in Jyotisa … as a domestic initiative prefacing the Dalai Lama’s American tour campaigning for a united spiritual front in promoting whirled peas. Creating a place for the Hindu at the Divinity School table would be a very bold initiative — and quite financially rewarding since the American Hindu community is quite wealthy and many eager to support such a venture with a maharaja’s ransom. Apparently a couple/few years ago, I received a brochure which explained it cost at that time $5 million to establish a chair. Well how much to establish a Throne?

Of course, my faculty reader, the great Wendy Doniger (I am so impressed with her sheer erudition) not only is aware of my agenda, but is not unwilling to shake that money tree at the request of the University.

That is my resolve.

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