deVere & Shakespeare

this my next big project — getting Tecumseh Factor launched is a struggle … maybe I can do it on line at SalonSonja. i’ve got a speculative chart for deVere (incidentally, the Prince Tudor theory rightly would be the Prince Seymour theory, patriline being determinative) using Shakespeare’s chart (3 days before his documented baptism) as the touchstone … 20September1548. The 12April1550 a decoy perpetuated by William Cecil — he’s either 1520 or 1521 … the one that puts his jupiter smack on Elizabeth’s MC has got to be defining … that’s the one from the cambridge records. I’ve got deVere’s sun on Shakespeare’s Libra moon and Shakespeare’s sun conjunct Elizabeth & deVere’s Taurus moon. It passed the progressed mercury test — his merc retrograde at the 29th degree of virgo, at its direct station 6 days after birth — deVere started his education at the age of six in 1554. His merc going direct conjunct Elizabeth’s sun, she attended the ceremonies attended upon his academic career. Did Burghleigh know that Elizabeth was deVere’s mother? Back to the books — who was it who twisted the 16th Earl of Oxford arm to raise the child? Who was Elizabeth’s agent.

What I find particularly delightful is that both deVere and Shakespeare had daughters named Susan … and  my rendition of deVere’s chart resonates with my own libran sun and virgo retro mercury going direct in a filial way … that’s what “Susan beVere-leigh” is/was about I guess, I think spelling out the deVere/Shakespeare relationship my very happy task. I’m ass over teakettle with Elizabethan charts, quite as much fun as the Julio Claudians. Elizabeth has independent Uranus conjunct Saturn in her 7th … when she said she did not want to marry, she meant it — her father’s divorce and her potential bastardy a constant consideration whenever 7th house matters marriage & diplomacy came to mind. Elizabeth the Virgin Queen by the same translation of the greek Parthenos that yielded the Virgin Mary rather than the Maiden Mary. I wonder if there’s any Golden Dawn Oxfordian stuff. While I could see Elizabeth as the mother of Essex or Southamptom, Wriothsley was totally rocking her hair when young, deVere as father, what — did he seduce Elizabeth who could translate Sophocles and well knew her own child? Elizabeth the vain, who close up was pockmarked and bald? At what date did she in her passion rip off her wig? And if the passion were that great why is there only the nearest shadow of a reference in the Oeuvre to such a powerful primal scene? No, Elizabeth knew her moral force and would have to exercise to much conscious agency to do that. She’d have to devise a fate for herself more horrendous than Jocasta’s.  The historical resonances of that … look how she later evaded responsibility with Mary’s execution, Elizabeth would have had to assume too much agency, responsibilty, conscious choice for deVere to father WH. John Dee had been convinced by Edward Kelley to a wife swap (the Actum Factum of his diary) — and was haunted for years by his unwilling and much loved younger wife — Edward Kelley the model for Prospero’s Caliban and Faustus’s Mephistopholes

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