On Time

I’ve been surveying the literature on what is known about time … trolled at The Edge — and my definition is by definition Conceptually Elegant and given what is out there ne plus ultra, eg definitive.

The theoretical physicists are based on Einstein’s space/time continuum which it interactive and warps — eg is not evenly distributed throughout the universe.  Well, Albert,  that is because time is GEOCENTRIC — it being primarily a function of the Terrrestial Axis of Rotation (“TAR”). And, because it is GEOCENTRIC it exhibits certain properties analogous to gravity … how much pull does earth’s gravitational force have upon a Lorenzian butterfly three galaxies to the southeast … not so much — so too with time.

Time being a dimension unique to Earth — Gaia’s Dance

Everything spherical that spins generates a frequency, and when it is involved in an inter-related set of spins it consitutes some sort of temporal molecule a planetary paradigm, an individual dimension — each planet in the solar system has it own temporal molecule — it owns particular dimension, which may or may not be penetratable to us earthlings. EG that might be “life” on Mars which is temporally sensitized to Mar’s particularities of spin and the other quiddities, such as the revolutions of Phobos and Demo and, the particulars (angle, etc) of Martian Axis of Rotation. This set of spin frequencies might be in resonance with an element (theoretically the earth’s temporal frequence resonant w/the carbon atom which stimulated it into life), the Martian set theoretically resonant with a different element — which anything terrestially based might not be able to penetrate.

The TAR with respect to the system’s central star, establishes the diurnal/noctural cycle. Time did not begin with the big bang. Time did not begin until Earth was created, it being a Geocentric Dimension.

There is an immeasurable eternity between the big bang and the formation of the solar system and earth’s first spin — it was evening and it was morning of the first day some 3.5 billion  x 365.2422 theoretically measurable days ago.

The nexus of the space/time continuum — the bere shith, as it were — is best illustrated through the simple dynamic geometry of the TAR with regard to the Galactic Plane — or, more elegantly Galactic Disc. The TAR’s angle to the DISC is ever changing, due to the 26K year wobble which is the precessional cycle, describing a circle among the polar stars — currently the axis ‘points’ to Polaris, but Thuban, Vega and Deneb also serve in their turn.

The 12,000 year frequency of the Ice Ages seem to be concomittant of the Precessional Cycle, analagous to the lunar cycle’s concommitant tides. The cycles that determine the terrestial temporal frequency (“Time”) are the terrestial rotation, (day), lunar/terrestial barycentric revolution (month, tides), TAR revolution about sun (season, year), precessional cycle — epoch.

You do the math.

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