Talking Heads

Well those boring old Republicans are sure interesting lately … I hope Newt prevails as the GOP candidate (I’m predicting it, but this is where I can see my thumb on the scale, except I do vote, early and often, as I learnt in collitch)

I hope Newt’s the candidate, because as it says on the masthead “Astrologer with a Jones for History” and Newt’s a History Teacher … well when push comes to shove UC can make him titulear Dean of their New Political school and make an Alinsky rad out of him.

I like Saul Alinsky … it went under the rubric of ‘action anthropology’ … which is what you HAVE to do in a multi-ethnic urban community … as for Obama teaching radical ideas … c’mon on now, he pays rent at 1 Prudential Plaza, surely there are more radically based landlords in a much less button down low center of gravity chicago streetwise kind of place, that would win him the affections of the white working classes.  Like Pilsen, for instance.

I’ve suggested via email to the OWS people to set up a vigil at 1 Prudential and put it to the man.

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