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Just did the US lunar return — today –in about 2 hours 10 minutes. Obama better be polishing up his speech tonight .. I also looked at 7 February 2012 about say 7:30 am Chicago time, when the transiting sun conjuncts the degree of the US aquarian moon (7GE34/35 ASC) … now that’s a day to seize & my argument why Obama won 2008 … his ascendent is finely calibrated to the degree of the US Moon — 7 minutes of arc off, giving him a rare and precise finger on the pulse of the US — remember how they said Reagan captured the ‘mood’ of the US — with his Aquarian sun. The chart I use for Newt — 11:45 pm one day in the middle of June 1943 — my high school class was loaded with geminis of 1943 … so many I wonder what was going on in Little Italy in Niagara Falls on Labor Day in the middle of WWII??? Newt’s the full moon of that vintage. Joe Namath is another. USA was going through a Uranus return — 84 year cycle — the bones behind Lincoln’s four score and seven, the Civil War occurred on the first Uranus return of the USA smack dab on US conjunction at 8GExx. WWII another Uranus return. Listening to campaign results currently is very prime … chairos — perfect moments.

Given the time I use for Newt’s chart (Romney’s birth time published … Mitt’s an early Gemini rising, Newt’s Mars conjuncts it … well Newt’s Asc is 19 Aquarius, conjunct Obama’s & US by a degree … watch carefully Newt’s behavior Feb 6-8 to calibrate his Ascendant (note to self). My brother is a couple/few weeks younger than Mitt, born later in March 1947 … that era features Uranus on US mars — George W Bush has it too — hence his war in Iraq … Uranus/Mars a bitch of an aspect — my bro’s uranus conjuncts my mars, that it a very cain and abel aspect, you have no idea how much he pissed me off growing up, we haven’t spoken for centuries. Ir is a bomb Hanoi aspect — a strong connection in an individual’s chart is often indicative of homosexuality — Philadelphia — brotherly love — places it historically in the wee hours of 4July 1776 — a month after the Mayan 13 Katun series that ends on the winter solstice this year — the End of Days … bisecting the time between election and inauguration days … and let me tell you — Inauguration Day 20Jan2013 looks like Armageddon.

If you are writing a scenario incorporating these energies — well transiting mars exactly conjuncts US Moon on 17Jan2013, that could mean an attack on US, including a major cyber attack … I’m predicting that given the Mercury retrograde on Election Day (like 2000, remember hanging Chad?, we’ll do Trixie this year) which has the possibility of sending the election to Congress, a major strategy for americanselect.org — which decision will no doubt have to wait until Congress inaugurated in early January — we may not know the POTUS elect until Inauguration Day … and given the way Congress has been in gridlock … we may have to quickly form an ad hoc triumvirate, in order to respond definitely to the turmoil and resulting chaos that the chart promises and NOT blow up the world — Powerful Mars/Uranus aspects galore

Including — since Saturn will have departed Libra (next october) and in Scorpio and be in a very nasty mutual reception with Pluto in Capricorn — which is squared by the aforesaid active Uranus in Aries, squared like in e = mc squared … further integrating this killer of a chart … I would hate to be the mother of a child born on that day. Indeed, this whole epoch … because the activity is on long term placements …

Happy New Year …


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