Open Letter to Professor Ray Fogelson/In defense of Saul Alinsky

I always hear the reedy sound of some ’60’s folksinger (dave van ronk) twanging out jack o diamonds when i think of you … however, we are both Cubs fans … and eureka — I have found it. The Cure for the Curse of the Cubs!!! Birria de Chivo Mole. Mole because it is Chocolate — KaKao, theobromo, the medicine of the gods — eg the Cure.

This is a provisional invitation to the ceremonies judging various recipes devised by (theoretical) lth foodies the date of the first home game of the season this April on the rooftop of the building I live in which is w/in sight of Wrigley Field, being about a mile and a half north, slightly to the left of center field from the perspective of home plate. The wide screen tv properly positioned will give that rooftop experience and (theoretically) Rokito’s (an achingly exquisite taqueria next to Truman College under the el) will be sponsoring it … the wrapper of this to be designed by him or his artist friend … to do a latter day rendition of the Mayan glyph of Kakao — who, since the cocoa beans being medium of exchange is certain a major God of the Marketplace — I’ve just ordered Michael Coe’s True History of Chocolate.

Well, you’re invited.


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