Cousin It

Dear Evelyn,

I am writing this as an open letter to you.  I have recently realized that I could forgive Dave — I work as a legal secretary — one of the attorneys I work for has been going through the world’s worst divorce, comparisons are odious, but quite as ugly as Barry’s situation; parenthetically I hope Barry and Jackie (Dave’s sister Phyllis’s daughter in California) establish meaningful contact, which is another vote in Dave’s favor. M, the attorney, his daughter is planning to go to Austria where her grandmother (ex-wife’s mother) has just entered what I take to be a hospice situation; grandmother is in her 90’s. M explained why he still held her warmly even though she took a seemingly active role in prosecuting a lawsuit against on her daughter’s behalf. (Ugly, right) M explained that his ex-wife, her daughter, was using her, and the grandmother was afraid of her daughter. From what Barry’s told me, Dave was in hostage to Cousin It, and some of the evil perpetrated upon me was — well he was an unwilling agent of his daughter’s animosity.

She hates me and has gone out of her way in attempts to destroy me, humiliation being one her her major tactics.  I have a theory of her bioparents. I believe her biofather was Joe Kennedy Sr and her mother Marilyn Monroe … the whole Djunier (rhymes with deny-er) tribe would caution to shut up. Debbie was conceived September 1946 … Joe Kennedy was in California, campaigning for JFK’s first — Honey Fitz’s grandson — Rose was in charge there & had cut him off about the time that he brought Gloria Swanson for a vacation with the family on the yacht. Marilyn had a contract at Joe Schenk’s studio & worked at his ‘farm’ with other young starlets whose task it was to attend the carnal needs of Schenck — a black servant would run through the dorms yelling it’s up for the next one in line.  Well Norma Jeane, rather Marilyn, it was her turn to jump naked out of the cake and sing Happy Birthday for the first time to a Mr Kennedy.

She entertained him that weekend with started with his solar return (he was 58 in 1946, born 1888) and her lunar return.

There is an account by a Ted Jordan in his memoirs of Norma Jeane that he took a trip to a mysterious east with her.

We had misposchen in from California for my brother, Bobby’s bris late march, early april 1947. I was just 2 and half at the time, knee high to the cigar smoking suits that crowded into the Donner living room on Portage Road. There’s a photo in the archive of a picture of my brother and me on the big chair in that living room. I slept over that night and the next morning tasted the yellow liquid in the glasses on the kitchen table. Poo — it was beer.

In retrospect, since Sema had suffered a miscarriage or two, and all her friends, the young wives of the NF Jewish community were starting their families, I imagine one or more of these californians spoke of a shiksa — pregnant — according to my information, my mother, Helen, was the family contact between Cousin It’s birth mother (“Ms Thing”) who stayed with attorney Abe Rosenthal — MM probably was in NF for her 21st birthday on June 1.  I think Rosenthal had offices in the United Office Building (now a totally elegant boutique hotel — the Giacomo, ask Barry about the architect) … and I think that I accompanied my mother to his office. Mother would have left Bobby — 2 months old — with Sema — for practice … she would have taken me along, cautioning me to be a good girl, because 2 kids 2 much for Sema to handle alone. This was my totally cute stage — I looked like Shirley Temple, only better. There is a scene in a Shirley Temple movie w/June Haviland that fuses w/my inchoate memory of those moments. I imagine there was an exchange of documents in Rosenthal’s office and no doubt an envelope with some sort of recompense.

Ms. Thing was let go by the studio shortly after Cousin It’s birth. In fact that July she was working burlesque. Ted Jordan married stripper Lili St. Cyr and was probably instrumental in getting her the job. Anton LaVey, the Satanist head of his own church was the MC — I had hypothesized earlier that LaVey was Cousin It’s bio father, except the timing didn’t work out. When told of MM’s comment upon signing an expensive contract that she would never suck c-ck again — he demurred saying she was too demure to use language like that. Which is a very funny character recommendation.

For some reason this theory makes everyone go ballistics — which i do not understand — if my theory is indeed correct, which can be proved or disproved by dna — cousin it & descendants have a strong claim to a multimillion dollar estate, instead of asserting a cruel claim against the totality of Dave’s property.

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Coriolanus — An Oxfordian Perspective

This to be uploaded and edited — I tried blogging it twice last night and it got eaten, neither saved nor published. So I rewrote it and saved it in a word processor.

In short — Coriolanus is deVere’s self-portrait, especially detailing his relationship with Elizabeth especially the scenes where his Gnaeus Martius contrast his hauteur and disregard & abuse of the lower orders, with his mother’s more flexible attitudes.

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