In Defense of the Weltanschaaung of Claudius Ptolemy

Yeah — that greasy kid stuff. The geocentric universe with its stately progression of the planetary spheres racing from east to west across earthly heavens — the Apollian chariot and all that. The epicycles rationally ‘explaining’ retrograde motion — a view which reigned until Copernicus and Gallileo reformed our view of our place in the heavens — which did not revolve about us, but rather about Heraclitus’ central fire, the sun holds our system together & voila the Solar system came into world consciousness along with a terrestial spatial subservience rather than centrality (Aryabhatta, Indian astronomer/mathematician discovered heliocentricity a millenium prior that may have something to do with the ego — geo — loss essential to the transcendent)

Copernicus invented the solar system restructuring the universe  while Columbus discovered a new contintent, totally destroying and restructuring the western world’s idea of space and the world it existed in: the Ptolemaic view became a quaint artifact with its epicycles and other contrivances … that when the ordering cosmic principle/pal was Jupiter … from Marduk & his priest-king Hamurabi in Babylon to Julius Caesar in Rome, Pontifex Maximus of the College of Jupiter.  The Copernican cosmic reformation toppled the Pontifex Maximus of the Church of Rome — Wittenberg — Faustus, Copernicus, Martin Luther, Hamlet. Wittenberg incorporated 1503 at the exact meridian as Rome, Herakles to Rome’s Atlas. How high would the Roman steeple have to be have its shadow ring the bells at noon in Wittenberg at the winter solstice, which has a longer shadow than at the summer solstice.

That meridianal coincidence explains the Protestant Ethic to me.  The emphasis on one’s calling and good works — so 10th house, nicht wahr?

While Copernicus & Columbus successfully challenged the western idea of space, Gregory IV’s Papal Bull showed how severely time was out of joint — the Solar calendar established by Julius Caesar 46/45 bc was out of sync with the seasons, some 10 days (this is the source of John Reed’s 10 days that shook the world, except when Lenin changed the calendar in February 1918, it was 13 days discrepant) — the Bull recalibrated the year from 365.25 days to 365.2422, a concommitant of heliocentricity.

More or less suggesting that time is a derivative of space when thinking about the time/space continuum.

And think about it I have, early and often.

Time is geocentric.  It is a function of the Terrestial Axis of Rotation. The DemiUrgos — the World Spirit, Primum Mobile. The Rotation establishes the Day, the Barycentric revolution with the Moon, the Month, the Revolution about the Sun the Year and the Wobble the 26K Precession Cycle. The Wobble, mechanically arises because the TAR angle of obliquity — the regular centri fugal & centri petal and gravitational forces of the Sun and Moon affect the tidal pulse and also affect the molten terrestial core.  At certain points in the 26K wobble, when the TAR is in a particular relationship to the Galactic Plane (or Disc), Galactic forces exert pressure on the earth’s core affecting the tectonic plates, the magnetic shield, etc. Like now.

The various cycles & their respective frequencies of the TAR is the Platonic Paradigm … the Terrestial Vibe.  I further hypothesize that this Paradigmatic Form resonates with the carbon atom (just sayin) stimulating it into  life forms, time is built into our dna, there are clock genes, sensitive to earth’s rotation, plus other genetic mechanisms sensitive to cosmic triggers (like the sun’s declination and avian migration).  By implication, other spinning entities in the universe set up their own proper temporal systems.  My forays into the shallow end of latter day physics reveals that the rocket scientists have not begun to analyze time … they are into pragmatic definitions — latest is the outer shell of the cesium atom, its frequency the standard — I suggest that anything within our temporal system is likely to resonate with it … eg the TAR is the Organizing principle — that in another temporal system (say fourth moon of Jupiter) Cs atom just might resonate at a different frequency.  And it is also worth pondering, that the TAR is so intrinsic to our existence, could we terrestial enter, much less adapt, another temporal system?

Well back to Claudius Ptolemy.  The world view he defines is geocentric — as is time — the funny epicycles of the planets are probably the way retrogradation affects the TAR and the earth’s molten core & magnetic field, which are reflected in the Chandler Wobble — regular 3 and 7 year epicyclic like irregularities within the precessional cycle described by the terrestial axis of rotation.


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