The Ptolemaic Weltanschaaung represents a Temporally Centered Universe

The Copernican vision is one of Space.  The big deal about the Reformation — the stitch in time prompting Gregory IV’s bull .. the Ptolemaic is a tempora-centric universe.

TIME is a dimension particular to earth … it came into being at the earth’s first spin, the evening and morning of the first day … the ‘time’ (which didn’t yet exist, and the earth’s axis of rotation which doesn’t ‘exist’ but is a neither wave nor particle, but a geometrical concept) between the big bang and bereshitch ‘measureless to man’.

Aeon, Zervan, the DemiUrgos, the World Spirit, Gaia’s Dance — the terrestial axis of rotation — TAR, creates time through its rotational spin = the day, its barycentric choreography with the lunar axis, the month, its revolution about the central star the year, it’s 23 degree tilt from the ecliptic plane, punctuating the annual cycle with the seasons; and the TAR’s 26K year ‘wobble’ the precessional cycle —

The Mayans measured the angle between the TAR and the plane of the ecliptic as documented by the grid of their villages — not along a north/south east/west axis, but rather aligned with respect to the intersection of the galactic disc with respect to the cardinal north/south axial direction … this angle changes through the ages as does the echoing orientation of new villages to properly reflect the angle.The era of any particular village’s establishment discovered by reference to the astronomical record. This should be enough physical evidence, along with that of the calendar, of the cultural tracking and documentation of the precessional cycle by the Maya to convince those anthropologists who do not subscribe to this theory.

Time is a geocentric, exclusively terrestial dimension.

Other entities spin at different rates, have different satellite moons spinning at different rates, together revolving about their central stars at frequency differing from that of earth, generating a different temporal systems.

Copernicus invented the solar system, articulating the spatial universe, rather than the temporal geocentric universe which is the Ptolemaic vision, which, with this reframing retains validity, clarifying the elliptical relationship of the factors of the time/space continuum.

The creatures of the earth that live longer than a rotation or two have built into their (our) genetic codes clock genes — the simplest of which trigger nocturnal/diurnal behaviors, other clock genes sensitive to declination of the sun (avian migratory patterns) and other seasonally linked activities, tides — a sol/lunar — activities.

The centri/fugal & petal and gravitational forces  of the sun and moon together with the 23 degree obliquity of the terrestial axis ’cause’ the tides and as their forces act on the liquids of the surface, also act upon the molten liquid core which in turn affects the terrestial electromagnetic shield.


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