Devonshire off Bishopsgate cattycorner from Bedlam

Devonshire off Bishopsgate cattycorner from Bedlam

Before I left, I was telling people that if I managed to get to Stonehenge for the solstice, given that I was in Guatemala for Baktun 13, I’d become, by provenance alone, the best living astrologer on the planet.

Despite my callout to friendly Druids, I didn’t get to Stonehenge for the solstice, since the 21st was the ONLY day of the tour devoted to London, and, while not impossible, the logistix and expense of Stonehenge at sunrise daunting. However, the Druids were kind. One of our number, Michael Morse had done some two years research on the exact whereabouts of Fisher’s Folly — the writers’ studio established by deVere in 1582, about the time he learned (hypothetically from John Dee) that he was the Bastard of the Virgin Queen, beginning, around then, to sign his name with a flourish featuring 7 hash marks under the Edward, signifying “Edward VII,” there are some who suggest the flourish could be read as a 17, eg the 17th Earl of Oxford. But he’d been Earl for 20 years, since Earl John’s death in 1562

Michael More said he had documentation on Marlowe’s participation in Fisher’s Folly. I go along with the Marlovians insofar as Skanderbeg likely to have been written by Marlowe, prior to his breakout Tamerlame, 1587. Skanderbeg was produced by Oxford’s Men, which times it to before 1588. Someone in the bus said the Skanderbeg was not lost, an extant copy found … its hero George Castriot had an analogous religious quandary to deVere’s papish dalliances, and Marlowe not above currying favor (witness his poem in praise of a corrupt judge). There are probably some intriguing links, as yet unexplored, between Raleigh’s School of Night and Fisher’s Folly

I think deVere’s sister’s lawsuit against him for bastardy is evidence that the 1550 birthdate not really possible. Earl John married Marjorie Golding in August 1548 (2+ months before the 20September (OS) 1548 birthdate I use for Oxinford). The 1550 birthday implies that Earl John had been legally wed to Marjorie for some 20 months prior to the “birthdate” written in Burleigh’s notes. No cause for a bastardy suit. His older “half-sister” daughter of Earl John’s first wife, knew something.

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