Dear Jeanne Gang

Great name … love to do your chart, but all I know is 1965 … your UC building is going under the rubric of New Dorm, which, when I was an undergraduate was what they called the Saarinen jewel of a dormitory across from Robie House.  Just remember, UC board is full of philistines … 20 years hence they will blow up your oeuvre and build another business school.  It’s built into the school’s dna. It started as a Business School founded on 10 acres of land donated by Stephen A. Douglas, around 35th Street. Mid 1880’s William Rainey Harper was invited to become the president of the first University of Chicago, which he dismissed, because he didn’t want to head up no stinkin’ business school. It expired and in the midst of its ashes concurrent with the pluto/Neptune conjunction of 1891/92 was Phoenix like (pun intended) arose as the new University of Chicago, funded by John D Rockefeller, — it’s first President William Rainey Harper who’s dream of a great research and teaching institution was being realized. Standard Oil University, where Jewish students learned Catholic theology from atheist professors at a Baptist school.

I sort of suspect that at least one of the first coeds at that school on the midway … ended up in Holmes’ torture chamber, and wonder why Erik Larsen didn’t encompass the UC’s founding in his wonderful book The Devil in the White City, amid the movers and shakers who brought the Columbian Exposition into being.

I consider the ultimate responsibility for WWII to be AT Olmsted … the guy who established UC’s Oriental Institute.

His History of Persia was the canonical text for a number of years. Let me bring to your mind that William Rainey Harper was a noted Hebrew scholar … well Olmsted gave Daniel (of the OT) totally short shrift, completely ignoring the Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin passage which, given Harper reputation, he should have done a virtuoso turn and translated it — by passed it. Now this passage is VERY important in Persian history, because as Daniel was reading the writing on the wall, Cyrus’s armies were peacefully conquering Babylon.  The gates had been left open. It is my contention that Daniel well knew who left ope the gates, and probably ordered/conspired therefor. Daniel taught the Persian magi the Astral arts of for which Cyrus made his Chief Magus. I believe Daniel to have been Zoraster, Zarathustra an different dude in deed, Zoroaster means Star Gazer in Greek.  Herodotus provides corroborating evidence. If you don’t understand Daniel’s part in the establishment of the First Aryan Empire, well … that’s why AT Olmsted, through his grievious sin of omission caused WWII. And that his students and scholars let this pass without either correcting or footnoting the omission is a study in academic sycophancy.


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