Basic Bitches contra U Chicago … Part the First

This to defeat the irrational censorship issue at the UC Alumni Linked In site … which is a basic bitch … how much of my education was old petrified sophistries by pseudo experts of the field? Thinking of the Graham School bunch … 1997 Sinaico’s lecture on Death in Venice, which, admittedly is the best short story I have ever read, Sinaico insisting it was about ‘authenticity’ whereas it seemed to me, and does still, that Death in Venice is about Thanos/Eros … for godsake Herman it is in the title. And then Mann does it again with the Black Swan — a woman w/undiagnosed cervical cancer undergoes a total erotic fantastical experience with her dancing instructor … and then I did research on Robert Koch, microbe hunter, who died about a year before Mann published Death in Venice. Koch’s life parallels von Aschenbach, and one could see Mann’s creative forces process the reality of Koch’s victory over cholera transforming it into von Aschenbach and the Polish prince, the golden charismatic child Thaddeus who was somehow mirrored in a gargoyle street venetian street urchin, the image of the katarche of the disease in a Burmese tiger burning brightly. I saw it as a prophecy of my favorite Phoenix riddle … the Robert Maynard Hutchins/Al Capone dyad (*both born in Brooklyn, Jan 17/18, 1899) … Bettleheim’s Jekyll/Hyde nature. I thank Sinaico for an introduction to that jewel of a story, even if he didn’t have a clue about what it really meant, and, too, he had a wonderful introduction to Herodotus lecture, which is a very big redeeming social value.

The Reader used to run an annual crass/class column — UC undergrad (when the school totaled 2000, 500 per class, 2/3’s of whom were not graduated timely … lots of dropouts) was class, the GSB was crass, echoing William Rainey Harper’s bent, of a sort of disdain for commerce, insofar as he allowed the first UC, which was founded on Stephen A. Douglas’s 35th street estate, and was a business school to perish. To reestablish it as a Lyceum (aristotlean) temple to the Liberal Arts I entered with the Class of ’65 (I saw RMH at Rockefeller) and was graduated (BA, Anthropology) with the Class of ’75 (Vietnam, Watergate on campus was the horse with no name) then snagged a Graham School MLA (which Vanessa G says is not a ‘real’ degree) in 2011 to beef up my twixt Ernst and Joke PhD in Astrology, granted by a SIG group of Mensa and ratified by a Collegium of Mentors & Peers (first signatory, Robert Hand; Doris Hebel and Barbara whatshername wouldn’t sign, Isaac Bonewits, ArchDruid of New Jersey, signed here in Chicago when attending the Centennial of the World Religions Conference)

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