Building up to my basic bitch (diatribe) v. AT Olmstead

& the Oriental Institute’s gang of sycophants who let him get away with it, but not now.

Now, I’m fresh from Thos. Gazis (Gassy) lecture from which I dropped out after he got all ethnically pejorative, spouting off at the slavs who conquered Greece and claimed they were Greeks (so tho a slav, I consider myself an American, because I buy into US history and was born here and therefore took umbrage at his boorish remarks … he did say he was ploughed on ouzo being by the shore … in vino veritas, he bragged about his military service with the Greek Army … like have YOU ever seen their uniforms? No self-respecting butch lesbian, much less a Honey Bear could wear something so girly, definitely not the right thing to wear to battle: skirts & pom poms on their boots with a really clumsy choreographed march step, puts a comic lens to Thermopylae — speaking from my own tribal (Slavic) stance, I would say a dumb Slav could beat a smart Greek at chess any day –I consider myself more Scythian than Slav … Herodotus’s ethnography describes the tribe — the Nervii, on the Hypanis — from when my people sprung — an amalgam of Greeks Scyths and Jews from the first Diaspora — which is the backstory of Cyrus’s conquest of Babylon (he did it much better than Alexander) you know the old Mene Mene Tekl Upharsin writing on the wall schtick — Daniel translating it for Neb. whilst Cyrus’ armies bloodlessly conquered Babylon.

While I didn’t hear his lecture on Alexander the Great’s birthchart I did get the gist from his preface: he argues that Alexander a Leo rather than Cancer … No. 1 — Caesar was a Cancer … and No. 2, when I did my research on Alexander’s birthchart, I did some research on the Greek/Macedonian calendars of the time as well as reference to more than one biography of Alexander, and a strong interest in finding the exact evening in Pella when Aristotle, Philip and Alexander discussed Herodotus’s account and planned the Greek (Macedonian) revenge. I have no quarrel with A’s solar/cancerian nativity. While I like Tyl I find I differ w/him in his rectification of Cleopatra’s horoscope too, he’s got the moon wrong, it conjuncts Caesar’s 7th Cusp at 12+ Leo and therefore, don’t agree w/his assessment of Gazi’s rectification of Alexander’s chart.

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