Withering Away of the State

Every Sunday when I remember to pull in the ChiTribune to which I subscribed for a year from some internet cheapo deal — i think of the marxian axiom … it is down to 5 columns from the 8 of my youth, this as symptomatic of its entangled and seemingly tragic financial situation.

I have an history w/the Trib … first come to consciousness with the awareness that Haymarket martyr Albert Parsons was harshly escorted out of the Trib’s type room in 1872. I am of the opinion that Dyer Lum and Baumgarten — the anarchists in the mix — loaded the bomb and caused its deployment — Dyer had been a special operative during the Civil War working w/ballistics. Haymarket’s bomb was the beta test for dynamite. My primary argument being where did the unionists — those poor schlubs — find the wherewithal to experiment w/the formula & application of Alfred Nobel’s invention?  Needed a connection to the nascent military/industrial complex — eg the McCormick Reaper Works — site of the cause of the riot, connected vitally to the Medill/Tribune interests.

I sort of thought the trib interests were tipping its hand with the WGN newsteam components of Joanie Lum and Robin Baumgarten … Joanie responded to me email to her regarding this, disclaiming relationship and legacy, and has since moved on to other stations, while Baumgarten is still employed, I believe a legacy position, at WGN.

When Medill bought into the Trib in it was a Know Nothing paper which had evolved from a local literary journal — Gem of the Prairie — into a politically based newspaper — he changed its politics. Medill was the guy Horace Greeley had urged “Go West, Young Man” — arguably Medill baptised the nascent political party “Republican” (I like the February 1854 Ripon founding, rather than the July foundation) since one of the few books available to him during his farmland youth was Gibbon’s Rise & Fall of the Roman Empire. He wanted to the Tribune to be the Voice of the People and had intelligent views of Free versus Slave labor which he promulgated in the editorial papers of the Trib which provided the tinder that flamed into war — the Civil War was known as Old Joe’s War.

In fact, it was Medill wh

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