For Those Who Can Tell the Dancer from the Dance


July 6, 2013

The Pilgrimmage was intellectually gratifying.  Determined to do it better, cheaper than UC’s Bevington’s Fortnight at Oxford, deed was did. Responding to the UC Alum Office’s semi-monthly plea for bux, I created a box and checked the deVere Society and promptly wrote a cheque for $600 for a lifetime membership to same since DVS is doing research that addresses my interests, while UC so often misses the point (Gobekli Tepe, for one, Sinaico’s exegesis of Mann’s Death in Venice for another,) … I want to establish a deVere Society West (I initially said “east” until I thought about it, Chicago is west of London) on campus, or rather online targeted to UC “Subversives and Renegades” for those who know the dancer from the dance – my ulterior motive being workshopping “Auteur Theory, or the 100th Monkey” with students at Logan … and link it up cyberwise with a student group at Cambridge, either Dee’s St. Johns and/or Marlowe’s Corpus Christi (and/or any of the schools that do drama). I’m blocking out a scenario and am registered for a blitz one-day course how to produce a web series. Clarified my understanding of the relationship of Oxenford and Jacques-Pierre, who was a handsome hunk before he lost his hair … that brunet picture supposedly of deVere, is a 30-year old Jake posing as the poet of Venus and Adonis. EG, Stratfordians, Jacques-Pierre was an ACTOR, well coached and directed by that reincarnation of Thespis himself, James Burbage. Think about Shem the Poet, Sean the Post.

James Burbage was born around Stratford in 1531, Jake and Burbage’s son Richard were the Glimmer Twins of the late 1590’s, after Marlowe’s death, their antics legendary. And Jake is such a perfect foil for Marlowe, who, like Eric Snowden, was leaking state secrets on stage, closely contemporaneous, some 3 months apart, Marlowe’s father a cobbler, Jake’s father a glover, hands and feet. Jake’s 23APR1564 so useful a touchstone in triangulating the horoscopes of other Elizabethans, such as Marlowe, and deVere. My scenario hypothesizes that one of the books stolen at Kelley’s direction from John Dee’s diary was one of his journals that he’d kept but not brought w/him to Europe that detailed information in his consultations with the Queen, Burleigh, Walsingham, Leicester and others. On stage, the character Wagner (the author’s ‘window’) makes it clear that this book of Faustus is one from Dee’s library. And the banter with “Robin” implies pretty boldly that Robert Poley was party to the action. This still remains in the bowdlerized versions. Also positing that Marlowe had heard about Factum Pactum from Kelley himself when on an assignment as courier spy. Burleigh wanted Kelley to return to London or at the least provide him Cecil with some of the powder Kelley said was from the philosopher’s stone, the catalyst necessary to change lead to gold, Burleigh needed to this to pay for the Armada defense. There’s a thread in Faustus implying Marlowe bought the Faustbuch in Antwerp circa 1587, the heist of Dee’s library in August 1589 – what if he reconnoitered with Kelley at Burleigh’s instructions, the actor who originally played Mephistopheles was a ringer for Kelley who, when Burleigh attended a command performance, looked at him saying “Factum Pactum.” Marlowe used a theatrical device invented by John Dee at Cambridge when Dee produced Aristophanes’ Pax. Apparently the cafeteria we lunched at on our Cambridge day was the spot where the play was presented. That Dee was also model for Prospero is evidenced by Ariel – Uriel was the angel that Kelley originally contacted when scrying for Dee. Kelley was the model for Caliban.

Not only did Dee elect the date for Elizabeth’s coronation, James Burbage consulted him on stage design, Dee familiar with the classic Roman and Greek forms. The lease for the land on which The Theater was built was signed on the day of a full moon eclipse. Doubtless Dee had told James to sign it after 2 am but before 7 am, preferably mixing the ink with blood/urine/saliva. Doubtless Burbage ached to supplant Edward Alleyn’s fustian Faustus on seeing his interpretation of the moment. Before building The Theatre, James Burbage had been the lead actor for Leicester’s Men … while it has been suggested that deVere invested in The Theater, it seems unlikely, since Oxenford was still on the Continent, to return some months after Burbage signed. The Theater was operating by the following Fall of 1576, sort of a Welcome Home gesture by Dudley. The Rose opened the following Spring, 1577.

I also think it was Dee who advised deVere of his parentage, I believe Dee was related to Kat Ashley; it was a kinswoman of his who owned the Inn at Deptford where the Reckoning in a Little Room occurred. Edward starting signing his name with an underlining flourish which he notched 7 times circa 1582 (about the time Dee left for the Continent with Kelley – interesting thought, was the revelation to Oxenford a motive for getting out of town?). I think for Edward VII, some think it signifies 17 as in the 17th Earl of Oxford. But he’d been the 17th Earl since Earl John died some 20 years prior.

Dee entertained the Cecils for 2 days in August 1592, I believe to confer on the Marlowe problem (who was as hot an issue as Eric Snowden is today); Kyd’s papers examined for evidence of pages from Dee’s books?, the posting at the Dutch Church – written by Anthony Munday and posted by Jake & Richard Burbage on an Eclipse. Two weeks later, on the solar eclipse on a Sunday, the Star Chamber commanded Marlowe to appear, where he was kept, silently, for two hours or so, for the duration of the eclipse. That’s where Dee’s hand is evident. I think Marlowe believed himself to be bullet proof given his Walsingham patronage, Francis Walsingham had been in Paris during the Massacre, and Marlowe may have believed that his play of that name was his ace in the hole. Michael Morse says he has documentary evidence that Marlowe had attended Fisher’s Folly which makes sense since Oxford’s Men were known to have produced Skanderbeg, that Marlovians believe Marlowe wrote prior to Tamerlane, which seems highly probable – George Castriot as the Ante-Tamerlane, whose biography parallels deVere’s ‘apostasy’ and redemption at Court.

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Withering Away of the State

Every Sunday when I remember to pull in the ChiTribune to which I subscribed for a year from some internet cheapo deal — i think of the marxian axiom … it is down to 5 columns from the 8 of my youth, this as symptomatic of its entangled and seemingly tragic financial situation.

I have an history w/the Trib … first come to consciousness with the awareness that Haymarket martyr Albert Parsons was harshly escorted out of the Trib’s type room in 1872. I am of the opinion that Dyer Lum and Baumgarten — the anarchists in the mix — loaded the bomb and caused its deployment — Dyer had been a special operative during the Civil War working w/ballistics. Haymarket’s bomb was the beta test for dynamite. My primary argument being where did the unionists — those poor schlubs — find the wherewithal to experiment w/the formula & application of Alfred Nobel’s invention?  Needed a connection to the nascent military/industrial complex — eg the McCormick Reaper Works — site of the cause of the riot, connected vitally to the Medill/Tribune interests.

I sort of thought the trib interests were tipping its hand with the WGN newsteam components of Joanie Lum and Robin Baumgarten … Joanie responded to me email to her regarding this, disclaiming relationship and legacy, and has since moved on to other stations, while Baumgarten is still employed, I believe a legacy position, at WGN.

When Medill bought into the Trib in it was a Know Nothing paper which had evolved from a local literary journal — Gem of the Prairie — into a politically based newspaper — he changed its politics. Medill was the guy Horace Greeley had urged “Go West, Young Man” — arguably Medill baptised the nascent political party “Republican” (I like the February 1854 Ripon founding, rather than the July foundation) since one of the few books available to him during his farmland youth was Gibbon’s Rise & Fall of the Roman Empire. He wanted to the Tribune to be the Voice of the People and had intelligent views of Free versus Slave labor which he promulgated in the editorial papers of the Trib which provided the tinder that flamed into war — the Civil War was known as Old Joe’s War.

In fact, it was Medill who persuaded Lincoln to both subscribe to the Tribune and become a Republican, rather than the Whig he was.

Alex Kotlowicz (sp?) is writing about the Medill/Lincoln alliance which is the soul of the American Republican Party —

I was so disappointed that the Trib did not commission a bio of Medill for the 1998 1.5 Centennial, but rather the workmanlike bio of the Colonel — McCormick — who was born on April Fool’s Day

Kotlowicz has GOT to win the Pulitzer for this …


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The Ptolemaic Weltanschaaung represents a Temporally Centered Universe

The Copernican vision is one of Space.  The big deal about the Reformation — the stitch in time prompting Gregory IV’s bull .. the Ptolemaic is a tempora-centric universe.

TIME is a dimension particular to earth … it came into being at the earth’s first spin, the evening and morning of the first day … the ‘time’ (which didn’t yet exist, and the earth’s axis of rotation which doesn’t ‘exist’ but is a neither wave nor particle, but a geometrical concept) between the big bang and bereshitch ‘measureless to man’.

Aeon, Zervan, the DemiUrgos, the World Spirit, Gaia’s Dance — the terrestial axis of rotation — TAR, creates time through its rotational spin = the day, its barycentric choreography with the lunar axis, the month, its revolution about the central star the year, it’s 23 degree tilt from the ecliptic plane, punctuating the annual cycle with the seasons; and the TAR’s 26K year ‘wobble’ the precessional cycle —

The Mayans measured the angle between the TAR and the plane of the ecliptic as documented by the grid of their villages — not along a north/south east/west axis, but rather aligned with respect to the intersection of the galactic disc with respect to the cardinal north/south axial direction … this angle changes through the ages as does the echoing orientation of new villages to properly reflect the angle.The era of any particular village’s establishment discovered by reference to the astronomical record. This should be enough physical evidence, along with that of the calendar, of the cultural tracking and documentation of the precessional cycle by the Maya to convince those anthropologists who do not subscribe to this theory.

Time is a geocentric, exclusively terrestial dimension.

Other entities spin at different rates, have different satellite moons spinning at different rates, together revolving about their central stars at frequency differing from that of earth, generating a different temporal systems.

Copernicus invented the solar system, articulating the spatial universe, rather than the temporal geocentric universe which is the Ptolemaic vision, which, with this reframing retains validity, clarifying the elliptical relationship of the factors of the time/space continuum.

The creatures of the earth that live longer than a rotation or two have built into their (our) genetic codes clock genes — the simplest of which trigger nocturnal/diurnal behaviors, other clock genes sensitive to declination of the sun (avian migratory patterns) and other seasonally linked activities, tides — a sol/lunar — activities.

The centri/fugal & petal and gravitational forces  of the sun and moon together with the 23 degree obliquity of the terrestial axis ’cause’ the tides and as their forces act on the liquids of the surface, also act upon the molten liquid core which in turn affects the terrestial electromagnetic shield.


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In Defense of the Weltanschaaung of Claudius Ptolemy

Yeah — that greasy kid stuff. The geocentric universe with its stately progression of the planetary spheres racing from east to west across earthly heavens — the Apollian chariot and all that. The epicycles rationally ‘explaining’ retrograde motion — a view which reigned until Copernicus and Gallileo reformed our view of our place in the heavens — which did not revolve about us, but rather about Heraclitus’ central fire, the sun holds our system together & voila the Solar system came into world consciousness along with a terrestial spatial subservience rather than centrality (Aryabhatta, Indian astronomer/mathematician discovered heliocentricity a millenium prior that may have something to do with the ego — geo — loss essential to the transcendent)

Copernicus invented the solar system restructuring the universe  while Columbus discovered a new contintent, totally destroying and restructuring the western world’s idea of space and the world it existed in: the Ptolemaic view became a quaint artifact with its epicycles and other contrivances … that when the ordering cosmic principle/pal was Jupiter … from Marduk & his priest-king Hamurabi in Babylon to Julius Caesar in Rome, Pontifex Maximus of the College of Jupiter.  The Copernican cosmic reformation toppled the Pontifex Maximus of the Church of Rome — Wittenberg — Faustus, Copernicus, Martin Luther, Hamlet. Wittenberg incorporated 1503 at the exact meridian as Rome, Herakles to Rome’s Atlas. How high would the Roman steeple have to be have its shadow ring the bells at noon in Wittenberg at the winter solstice, which has a longer shadow than at the summer solstice.

That meridianal coincidence explains the Protestant Ethic to me.  The emphasis on one’s calling and good works — so 10th house, nicht wahr?

While Copernicus & Columbus successfully challenged the western idea of space, Gregory IV’s Papal Bull showed how severely time was out of joint — the Solar calendar established by Julius Caesar 46/45 bc was out of sync with the seasons, some 10 days (this is the source of John Reed’s 10 days that shook the world, except when Lenin changed the calendar in February 1918, it was 13 days discrepant) — the Bull recalibrated the year from 365.25 days to 365.2422, a concommitant of heliocentricity.

More or less suggesting that time is a derivative of space when thinking about the time/space continuum.

And think about it I have, early and often.

Time is geocentric.  It is a function of the Terrestial Axis of Rotation. The DemiUrgos — the World Spirit, Primum Mobile. The Rotation establishes the Day, the Barycentric revolution with the Moon, the Month, the Revolution about the Sun the Year and the Wobble the 26K Precession Cycle. The Wobble, mechanically arises because the TAR angle of obliquity — the regular centri fugal & centri petal and gravitational forces of the Sun and Moon affect the tidal pulse and also affect the molten terrestial core.  At certain points in the 26K wobble, when the TAR is in a particular relationship to the Galactic Plane (or Disc), Galactic forces exert pressure on the earth’s core affecting the tectonic plates, the magnetic shield, etc. Like now.

The various cycles & their respective frequencies of the TAR is the Platonic Paradigm … the Terrestial Vibe.  I further hypothesize that this Paradigmatic Form resonates with the carbon atom (just sayin) stimulating it into  life forms, time is built into our dna, there are clock genes, sensitive to earth’s rotation, plus other genetic mechanisms sensitive to cosmic triggers (like the sun’s declination and avian migration).  By implication, other spinning entities in the universe set up their own proper temporal systems.  My forays into the shallow end of latter day physics reveals that the rocket scientists have not begun to analyze time … they are into pragmatic definitions — latest is the outer shell of the cesium atom, its frequency the standard — I suggest that anything within our temporal system is likely to resonate with it … eg the TAR is the Organizing principle — that in another temporal system (say fourth moon of Jupiter) Cs atom just might resonate at a different frequency.  And it is also worth pondering, that the TAR is so intrinsic to our existence, could we terrestial enter, much less adapt, another temporal system?

Well back to Claudius Ptolemy.  The world view he defines is geocentric — as is time — the funny epicycles of the planets are probably the way retrogradation affects the TAR and the earth’s molten core & magnetic field, which are reflected in the Chandler Wobble — regular 3 and 7 year epicyclic like irregularities within the precessional cycle described by the terrestial axis of rotation.


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Cousin It

Dear Evelyn,

I am writing this as an open letter to you.  I have recently realized that I could forgive Dave — I work as a legal secretary — one of the attorneys I work for has been going through the world’s worst divorce, comparisons are odious, but quite as ugly as Barry’s situation; parenthetically I hope Barry and Jackie (Dave’s sister Phyllis’s daughter in California) establish meaningful contact, which is another vote in Dave’s favor. M, the attorney, his daughter is planning to go to Austria where her grandmother (ex-wife’s mother) has just entered what I take to be a hospice situation; grandmother is in her 90’s. M explained why he still held her warmly even though she took a seemingly active role in prosecuting a lawsuit against on her daughter’s behalf. (Ugly, right) M explained that his ex-wife, her daughter, was using her, and the grandmother was afraid of her daughter. From what Barry’s told me, Dave was in hostage to Cousin It, and some of the evil perpetrated upon me was — well he was an unwilling agent of his daughter’s animosity.

She hates me and has gone out of her way in attempts to destroy me, humiliation being one her her major tactics.  I have a theory of her bioparents. I believe her biofather was Joe Kennedy Sr and her mother Marilyn Monroe … the whole Djunier (rhymes with deny-er) tribe would caution to shut up. Debbie was conceived September 1946 … Joe Kennedy was in California, campaigning for JFK’s first — Honey Fitz’s grandson — Rose was in charge there & had cut him off about the time that he brought Gloria Swanson for a vacation with the family on the yacht. Marilyn had a contract at Joe Schenk’s studio & worked at his ‘farm’ with other young starlets whose task it was to attend the carnal needs of Schenck — a black servant would run through the dorms yelling it’s up for the next one in line.  Well Norma Jeane, rather Marilyn, it was her turn to jump naked out of the cake and sing Happy Birthday for the first time to a Mr Kennedy.

She entertained him that weekend with started with his solar return (he was 58 in 1946, born 1888) and her lunar return.

There is an account by a Ted Jordan in his memoirs of Norma Jeane that he took a trip to a mysterious east with her.

We had misposchen in from California for my brother, Bobby’s bris late march, early april 1947. I was just 2 and half at the time, knee high to the cigar smoking suits that crowded into the Donner living room on Portage Road. There’s a photo in the archive of a picture of my brother and me on the big chair in that living room. I slept over that night and the next morning tasted the yellow liquid in the glasses on the kitchen table. Poo — it was beer.

In retrospect, since Sema had suffered a miscarriage or two, and all her friends, the young wives of the NF Jewish community were starting their families, I imagine one or more of these californians spoke of a shiksa — pregnant — according to my information, my mother, Helen, was the family contact between Cousin It’s birth mother (“Ms Thing”) who stayed with attorney Abe Rosenthal — MM probably was in NF for her 21st birthday on June 1.  I think Rosenthal had offices in the United Office Building (now a totally elegant boutique hotel — the Giacomo, ask Barry about the architect) … and I think that I accompanied my mother to his office. Mother would have left Bobby — 2 months old — with Sema — for practice … she would have taken me along, cautioning me to be a good girl, because 2 kids 2 much for Sema to handle alone. This was my totally cute stage — I looked like Shirley Temple, only better. There is a scene in a Shirley Temple movie w/June Haviland that fuses w/my inchoate memory of those moments. I imagine there was an exchange of documents in Rosenthal’s office and no doubt an envelope with some sort of recompense.

Ms. Thing was let go by the studio shortly after Cousin It’s birth. In fact that July she was working burlesque. Ted Jordan married stripper Lili St. Cyr and was probably instrumental in getting her the job. Anton LaVey, the Satanist head of his own church was the MC — I had hypothesized earlier that LaVey was Cousin It’s bio father, except the timing didn’t work out. When told of MM’s comment upon signing an expensive contract that she would never suck c-ck again — he demurred saying she was too demure to use language like that. Which is a very funny character recommendation.

For some reason this theory makes everyone go ballistics — which i do not understand — if my theory is indeed correct, which can be proved or disproved by dna — cousin it & descendants have a strong claim to a multimillion dollar estate, instead of asserting a cruel claim against the totality of Dave’s property.

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Coriolanus — An Oxfordian Perspective

This to be uploaded and edited — I tried blogging it twice last night and it got eaten, neither saved nor published. So I rewrote it and saved it in a word processor.

In short — Coriolanus is deVere’s self-portrait, especially detailing his relationship with Elizabeth especially the scenes where his Gnaeus Martius contrast his hauteur and disregard & abuse of the lower orders, with his mother’s more flexible attitudes.

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Open Letter to Professor Ray Fogelson/In defense of Saul Alinsky

I always hear the reedy sound of some ’60’s folksinger (dave van ronk) twanging out jack o diamonds when i think of you … however, we are both Cubs fans … and eureka — I have found it. The Cure for the Curse of the Cubs!!! Birria de Chivo Mole. Mole because it is Chocolate — KaKao, theobromo, the medicine of the gods — eg the Cure.

This is a provisional invitation to the ceremonies judging various recipes devised by (theoretical) lth foodies the date of the first home game of the season this April on the rooftop of the building I live in which is w/in sight of Wrigley Field, being about a mile and a half north, slightly to the left of center field from the perspective of home plate. The wide screen tv properly positioned will give that rooftop experience and (theoretically) Rokito’s (an achingly exquisite taqueria next to Truman College under the el) will be sponsoring it … the wrapper of this to be designed by him or his artist friend … to do a latter day rendition of the Mayan glyph of Kakao — who, since the cocoa beans being medium of exchange is certain a major God of the Marketplace — I’ve just ordered Michael Coe’s True History of Chocolate.

Well, you’re invited.


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27 January 2012

I’ve got to check out the Mayan dating for this year of the Dragon. Moon’s in Pisces — went over Mitt’s sun yesterday — notice the comeback? He’s got a good chance of winning in Florida — astrologically speaking … transiting Venus on his sun — transiting sun to his venus this weekend — betcha he buys a lot to firm up this minor victory — do they still hang Chad in Florida? Seriously, what is this about Mormon underwear.

With the demise of Hull House — today — how sad — Jane Adams and Hull House being Chicago’s equivalent of the Statue of Liberty — it’s like watching the Statue of Liberty implode — or run out, sort of used up all your degrees of freedom (and Maggie Daley wasn’t born on 4March1942 as I’d read in somewhere — Anniversary of Chicago’s incorporation, but rather an early Cancer of 1943, which is a helluva lot different) … OWS-Chicago is housed winter quarter at 500 W Cermak, which hits better blue collar notes than 1 Prudential Plaza … that’s the address of Obama Nat’l HQ, you would think a community organizer connected to Saul Alinsky would have a better ear for what constitutes street cred in Chicago. Location, Location, Location.

I realized that in the main campaign there are no WASPS in the game! Except for Ron Paul. Who should do well in the western states where the Protestant Ethic still burns & the deer and the antelope are road kill. If Senators Bill Bradley and John Kerry did a regular talk show commentary — you’d see old time rock n roll. If Bill Bradley & Phil Johnson had resolved the basketball strike during the ’96 Chicago primary season & given Chicago another ring … Oprah wouldn’t have abandoned us.

I’m predicting — grace to the Mercury Retrograde choreography starting with mercury in its retrograde station peaking about 3 PM or so … where it will finally return on December 4 or 5 … this is a recapitulation of November 2000’s mercury madness — sending it to the Supreme Court — let’s hang the Court this time and send it to Congress — the 2012 Mercury Madness sets off Maenaed energies with the eclipse season … one, the Lunar, sort of ominously on Black Friday … this the Full Moon eclipse that should ravage Newt qua Dionysius in Bacchante madness melting his plastique at the mall, provided, of course that the 11:45 pm birth time is correct. (donchya kinda wanna vote for him just to find out?)

the election will be sent to Congress, the 3rd party, hypothetically drawing enough votes to hold both major candidates to less than 50% electoral — which will postpone decision until after the new crew is initiated early in January 2013 — after the End of Days — eg the Solstice — What do you think chances would be that this Congress among which there will be a sizable # of Libertarians … will elect? May I suggest a provisional Triumvirate? It got Rome through a tough time.

Yeah, right, it’s a nothing chart Solstice 2012 — except … we won’t have a POTUS-elect by the End of 2012 … and the horoscope of Inauguration Day 2013 is not a nothing chart — all four of the horsemen of the apocalypse are saddled up. Mars/Uranus up the kazoo — that connotes nuclear energy (I know the difference between U 235 and U 238, it’s a rule I learned in school, underneath Stagg Field) It also connotes cybertheft, military technology … the mars in aquarius will have transited US Moon Jan 1i7 (Happy Birthday, Al Capone & Robert Maynard Hutchins — this is the Big Pineapple) Additional to Pluto/Saturn action that interacts/aspects the Mars/Uranus  — Mars on US Moon a few days before Inauguration Day — you know we have enemies … we could be attacked — very possibly cyber attacked, could be a renegade OWS programmer … the Pluto/Saturn is governmental progressions.

The Tet of 2013 should be very offensive.


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Political Scene

Just did the US lunar return — today –in about 2 hours 10 minutes. Obama better be polishing up his speech tonight .. I also looked at 7 February 2012 about say 7:30 am Chicago time, when the transiting sun conjuncts the degree of the US aquarian moon (7GE34/35 ASC) … now that’s a day to seize & my argument why Obama won 2008 … his ascendent is finely calibrated to the degree of the US Moon — 7 minutes of arc off, giving him a rare and precise finger on the pulse of the US — remember how they said Reagan captured the ‘mood’ of the US — with his Aquarian sun. The chart I use for Newt — 11:45 pm one day in the middle of June 1943 — my high school class was loaded with geminis of 1943 … so many I wonder what was going on in Little Italy in Niagara Falls on Labor Day in the middle of WWII??? Newt’s the full moon of that vintage. Joe Namath is another. USA was going through a Uranus return — 84 year cycle — the bones behind Lincoln’s four score and seven, the Civil War occurred on the first Uranus return of the USA smack dab on US conjunction at 8GExx. WWII another Uranus return. Listening to campaign results currently is very prime … chairos — perfect moments.

Given the time I use for Newt’s chart (Romney’s birth time published … Mitt’s an early Gemini rising, Newt’s Mars conjuncts it … well Newt’s Asc is 19 Aquarius, conjunct Obama’s & US by a degree … watch carefully Newt’s behavior Feb 6-8 to calibrate his Ascendant (note to self). My brother is a couple/few weeks younger than Mitt, born later in March 1947 … that era features Uranus on US mars — George W Bush has it too — hence his war in Iraq … Uranus/Mars a bitch of an aspect — my bro’s uranus conjuncts my mars, that it a very cain and abel aspect, you have no idea how much he pissed me off growing up, we haven’t spoken for centuries. Ir is a bomb Hanoi aspect — a strong connection in an individual’s chart is often indicative of homosexuality — Philadelphia — brotherly love — places it historically in the wee hours of 4July 1776 — a month after the Mayan 13 Katun series that ends on the winter solstice this year — the End of Days … bisecting the time between election and inauguration days … and let me tell you — Inauguration Day 20Jan2013 looks like Armageddon.

If you are writing a scenario incorporating these energies — well transiting mars exactly conjuncts US Moon on 17Jan2013, that could mean an attack on US, including a major cyber attack … I’m predicting that given the Mercury retrograde on Election Day (like 2000, remember hanging Chad?, we’ll do Trixie this year) which has the possibility of sending the election to Congress, a major strategy for — which decision will no doubt have to wait until Congress inaugurated in early January — we may not know the POTUS elect until Inauguration Day … and given the way Congress has been in gridlock … we may have to quickly form an ad hoc triumvirate, in order to respond definitely to the turmoil and resulting chaos that the chart promises and NOT blow up the world — Powerful Mars/Uranus aspects galore

Including — since Saturn will have departed Libra (next october) and in Scorpio and be in a very nasty mutual reception with Pluto in Capricorn — which is squared by the aforesaid active Uranus in Aries, squared like in e = mc squared … further integrating this killer of a chart … I would hate to be the mother of a child born on that day. Indeed, this whole epoch … because the activity is on long term placements …

Happy New Year …


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Talking Heads

Well those boring old Republicans are sure interesting lately … I hope Newt prevails as the GOP candidate (I’m predicting it, but this is where I can see my thumb on the scale, except I do vote, early and often, as I learnt in collitch)

I hope Newt’s the candidate, because as it says on the masthead “Astrologer with a Jones for History” and Newt’s a History Teacher … well when push comes to shove UC can make him titulear Dean of their New Political school and make an Alinsky rad out of him.

I like Saul Alinsky … it went under the rubric of ‘action anthropology’ … which is what you HAVE to do in a multi-ethnic urban community … as for Obama teaching radical ideas … c’mon on now, he pays rent at 1 Prudential Plaza, surely there are more radically based landlords in a much less button down low center of gravity chicago streetwise kind of place, that would win him the affections of the white working classes.  Like Pilsen, for instance.

I’ve suggested via email to the OWS people to set up a vigil at 1 Prudential and put it to the man.

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